Eskabe Direct-Vent Gas Heaters

Eskabe Direct-Vent Gas Heaters

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Eskabe Direct-Vent Heater
  • Stylish
  • Affordable
  • Safer with small children
  • Easy to Install
  • Everything you need in One Box!
  • 8,000 btu - $499
  • 11,000 btu - $749
  • 17,000 btu - $849
Prices Include Vent Kits! All you need to do is provide a gas supply and a small hole through an outside wall (up to 10 inches thick)!

Requires NO Electricity!

(Legal in all states except Massachusettes
Customer should check state and local codes before installing.)

Eskabe Direct-Vent Heaters
Heaters Come with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty (10 Years on Burner)

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Vents Directly Through Outside Wall

Direct Vent Heaters

Eskabe Direct-Vent heaters vent through any outside wall (up to 10 inches thick). They use outside air for combustion and the burnt gases are vented outside. Burning efficiency is approximately 80%, so you get excellent value for your fuel dollar. Each heater INCLUDES the vent kit, so the only thing you need to do is cut a round hole through the wall (up to 12 inches thick), install the vent kit, and hook up a gas line. No special insulation or fire-proofing is required for the vent kit. It is a dual-wall pipe that exhausts the hot gases through the center pipe while bringing in cooler outside air through the outside pipe.

Compare price, design and features with Empire and Rinnai. You'll see that Eskabe heaters are more stylish, and they cost less.

Order Online or call 1-888-395-1164

Heat Spreads through room via Convection

Heat Spreads via Convection

The design of Eskabe's heated air outlet causes the stream of heated air to circulate throughout the room to keep a uniform warm temperature, even in far away corners.
Safe for Your Baby

Safety for Your Family

Unlike many other heaters, Eskabe heaters do not have visible (and touchable) flames that can injure a curious child. The cabinet gets warm, but not hot enough to cause serious injury. Heaters with visible flames, glass fronts, or glowing orange ceramic elements (infrared heaters) can cause serious burns if touched by a curious toddler.
Thermostat Operation Thermostat Control Outside Vent Plate and Cap

Controls, Thermostat and Venting

The controls are conveniently located on the top. Included is a push-button piezo igniter to light the pilot. On the 8k btu model, the control knob allows you to select Off, Low or High heat settings and the heater will stay in that mode until you change it. The 11k and 17k btu models both have modulating thermostats. With other brands of thermostat-controlled heaters, the thermostat will turn the unit on and off in order to maintain a fairly even room temperature. A modulating thermostat does more than that. Rather than just turning the heater on and off at it's maximum output, a modulating thermostat increases and decreases (modulates) the flame height inside the burner in an attempt to better match the room's heating requirements. As the room heats up and approaches the thermostat's set point, the heater will decrease the flame height to decrease fuel consumption and heat output. By doing this, Eskabe (11k and 17k btu units only) heaters can reduce fuel consumption and keep the room at a more even temperature, compared to other heaters that just have on/off thermostats.

Specifications for Eskabe Direct-Vent Heaters
8,000 BTU Unit
11,000 BTU Unit
17,000 BTU Unit
Will Heat Room Size
200 sq. ft.
275 sq. ft.
425 sq. ft.
Automatic Thermostat?
20 inches
20 inches
20 inches
13 5/8 inches
17 3/8 inches
27 3/8 inches
5 9/16 inches
5 13/16 inches
6 9/16 inches
Shipping Weight
35 pounds
45 pounds
55 pounds
Diameter Hole Required
5 inches
6 inches
7 inches
Shipping Cost
Sold Out
Sold Out

Items returned in used condition or without original packaging may be subject to a restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable.


The three sizes of heaters generally are capable of heating 200, 275 and 425 square feet respectively. Several factors will affect these numbers. If your ceiling height is over 8 feet, you'll need more btu's. If your wall and ceiling insulation is below average, you could require twice as big a heater for the same space. Altitude also affects all gas heaters. For every thousand feet above 2000 feet, the gas consumption and heat output decrease by about 4%. If you need help deciding the size heater for your space, just give me a call.