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Our business was destroyed by fire. We are in the process of reopening and plan to be fully open around October 31, 2014. Our main website is and that is the only website where these items can be purchased.

Adjustable Multi-Wick Kerosene Stoves
Multi-wick stoves contain 10 to 22 cotton wicks arranged in a circle. The wicks all go up and down at the same time to adjust the heat output. Wicks generally last at least six months per set and cost between $2.50 and $4 for a set of replacement wicksets.

Most can be used with the Butterfly #2421 Oven - check text for the best stoves.
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Model #2487 16-Wick Kerosene Stove
Our MOST POPULAR stove! 10,500 BTUs. Works great with the #2421 oven. Roughly 12 3/8" square and 9" high. Holds 2.5 liters of fuel and burns 9 hours per tank. Can be used with small canners.
TWO Replacement Wicksets for 16-Wick
Model #2698 22-Wick Kerosene Stove
Our HOTTEST stove! 14,000 BTUs. Roughly 14" square and 13" high. Holds 5.5 liters of fuel and burns 11 hours per tank. Best stove for heavy-duty cooking and canning. Can be used with the oven because of its large top surface, but the grate on this stove does not fit up inside the oven, as it does with the #2487. Compare this stove with the A822 aluminum 22-wick cook stove below. The #2698 is best for large canners and also large pots/pans. The A822 works better with the oven.
TWO Replacement Wicksets for 22-Wick
Model #A822 Aluminum 22-Wick Kerosene Stove
Our NEWEST Model stove! 14,000 BTUs. Roughly 14" square and 13.7" high. Holds 3.1 liters of fuel and burns 6 hours per tank. This all-aluminum stove is used by restaurants and street vendors in many third-world countries. It is considered a "commercial stove" to them. The oven works very well with this stove, as it has the square type of cooking grate that fits up inside the oven to hold it securely in place. If you want the hottest stove available, and plan to use it primarily for cooking and baking, this is the stove to choose. If you instead plan to do a lot of canning, choose the #2698 22-wick stove, as its cooking grate is better suited to hold a large canner.
TWO Replacement Wicksets for 22-Wick
Model #2688 Kerosene Sockwick Stove
High-end stove! Uses a circular, woven cotton wick, similar to those used with kerosene heaters. Adjustable flame. Roughly 12.5" wide and 12.5" high. Holds almost 1 gallon of kerosene and burns up to 13 hours on a tank. Removable spill tray. Can be used with the #2421 Oven, but the grate does not fit up inside the oven to hold it securely in place.
ONE Replacement Sockwick Wick
Model #2648 Double Burner Kerosene 10-Wick Stove
Our Economical 2-Burner stove! 7,000 BTU burners. Assembly required. Holds about 2.5 liters of fuel and burns up to 18 hours (1 burner). Works great with the #2421 Oven.
TWO Replacement Wicksets for 10-Wick
Model #2641 10-Wick Kerosene Stove
Our Entry-Level stove! 7,000 btus. Great for making coffee, or cooking with a small skillet during a brief power outage. Holds 2.5 liters of fuel and burns up to 12 hours. Does not work well with the #2421 oven.
TWO Replacement Wicksets for 10-Wick
Model #2421 Camping Oven
Size is approximately 13x13x13. Can be used on top of any of the kerosene stoves on our website. Read the details on the stoves to see how well the stove will work with the oven. The bottom of the oven is open, and many of the stoves have steel grates that are designed to fit up inside the bottom of the oven to securely hold the oven in place.

Inside dimensions are 10" high, 11" deep and 12" wide. The door opening is smaller, approx 11" wide and 9" high. The oven will accomodate a 10x10 pan, with a little air space around all sides to allow for more even cooking. Oven includes two adjustable shelves and double wall construction with air pockets to support heat convection and more stable oven temperatures.

NOTE: The manufacturer ships the oven with a glass window on the door. The glass is not heat-tempered. We have ordered heat-tempered glass from an overseas supplier and will begin shipping all ovens with the new glass around 12/1/2011. Anyone who purchases the oven between October 22, 2011 and December 1, 2011 will receive the non-tempered glass with the oven, then will receive the tempered glass by mail as soon as they are in stock. No injuries from the standard glass have been reported, but several of the glasses have broken, so we have decided to upgrade the glass.


Stove/Oven/Wicks Combo
Save $ on our best-selling #2487 16-Wick 10,500 btu kerosene stove with four replacement wicksets and our #2421 Oven by purchasing this Combo package.

Kit Includes:
  • #2487 16-Wick 10,500 btu Stove
  • 4 Replacement Wicksets for #2487 Stove
  • #2421 Oven for Baking (Click on picture for more information.) and Owned and Operated by John Squires, 494 Dixon Road, Friendsville, MD 21531